The Next Hour of Stillness is: December 22nd at 3:03 pm PDT





Thich Nhat Hanh

This month we will be sending our simultaneous loving kindness to the Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh who fell seriously ill with a brain haemorrhage a few days ago.

Thich Nhat Hanh a Zen Master, and a well loved global spiritual leader is revered around the world for his powerful teachings and many greats books on peace and mindfulness.

He shows us that through mindfulness we can begin to live happily in now. His lesson that the way to truly develop peace is through this mindfulness is one of many influences on our efforts to bring more stillness into the world.

Amazing things can happen in an hour, and we ask that this month we all focus an hour of attention on Thich Nhat Hanh.

Image Credit: Paul Davis

One World Still is a collective with members from every corner of the globe. We gather people from all over the world to be still, simultaneously. Once a month – for a set hour – we come together to be calm, silent and still. You can join us in a designated Still Space, in a group that you lead, or on your own.

Our mission is to unite the world through stillness
to help the shift toward a new collective consciousness

Everyone is welcome. All beliefs, non-beliefs, religions and non-religions. People with different pasts, presents and hopes for the future. With worldwide participation, our inner stillness is easier to uncover and experience.This is stillness in its purest form. This is all-embracing opportunity knocking at your door. From everyone around the world currently participating, we welcome you to One World Still. Be part of something bigger than yourself.

The dates for the first year have been consciously picked with attention to holidays and other commemorative days. Moving forward, we’re open to your thoughts on future dates. With your participation, we’ll work on planning dates for the next 100 years and beyond. While some of these times may interfere with your daily schedule, try to accommodate them. Don’t overlook the incredible opportunity an inconvenient time poses. Sometimes, the circumstances we least expect hold the keys to enlightenment and self-discovery. During these selected times, feel free to join others at parks, community centers and other organized locations worldwide. Come together and experience the beauty of connecting with yourself and others in silence and stillness.

One Hour Still, Once a Month

Once a month, we join together in stillness for a single hour. Together we will bring profound change to the world. Times and dates are set well in advance based on GMT standard time. Since we only join once a month, the goal is to have all participants make exceptions to their daily schedule. Coming together for stillness, on the same time plane, is our shared mission. When we do this, an inclusive bond manifests. Our minds open as well as our hearts.

Come as You Are

There are no prerequisites for participation. Everyone welcomes anyone. Humanity and the stillness within us is what brings us together in peaceful union. Come as a faithful person, a religious person, a spiritual person or as someone with fluid beliefs. Come and meditate, pray, or relax. Come to simply be present. Despite your desires or intentions, there’s always a place for you here. No expectations, ever. Just the presence of our own true nature joining together in peaceful harmony.

Together in Stillness We are Infinite

When we sit together the inner stillness inside all of us transcends definition. Like infinity, this stillness is everything and nothing. During times of stillness and inner peace, we forget about our worries, hesitations and fears. We let go of thoughts of the past, present and future. Our level of contentment peaks and, while practicing stillness with others, this contentment is shared. We’re bonded by our own humanity and peaceful presence. This inner peace is present in all of us. When this peace coincides, we are infinite. Imagine the possibilities.

Take Part, Wherever You Are

Participate from the fog-shrouded peaks of Greece, the expansive deserts of the Middle East, or America’s heartland. Organize a monthly meeting place or join an existing one. Participate in a group or by yourself. Participate from your home, outside in your yard, in your local park or community center.