Because it is the only thing that does.

How is that true? When we ask about changing the world are we not really asking how to still some of the chaos? Some of the disfunction? Some of the imbalance? How to make it better?

Abiding in your own true still nature is the foundation for all evolutionary change.

We are always in action. The physical body and the physical world are in constant motion. Any imbalance or dysfunction we perceive is embodied in that movement of energy. However, the all pervading stillness of the universe is also always there. It is in this place that the unlimited manifesting power of all life springs forward from. All our motion comes from this stillness.

Think of being still as your home base. Much like slowing down or stopping a fast moving video to detect the truth of what is happening; slowing down or temporarily stilling our minds achieves a clarity that is invisible to us when we are operating at full speed. When we still ourselves we are giving ourselves a rare opportunity for Self reflection. We are actually tapping into the underlying forces behind our existence. This is the only place where we can experience the world as it really is. This is the only place where conscious change happens. Everything else is cloaked by perception and illusion. Now calculate the possibilities when millions and even billions reach this spill space together.

Every force for change for the good in our world comes from this place. We usually can’t see this because of all the ego chatter that surrounds us, even in these moments of conscious clarity. We achieve these levels of stillness every time we accomplish something that is supporting the higher good. It’s happening every moment of every day. Harnessing this power and becoming more aware of it is where the larger global change happens.

  • Think of the space between the notes in a piece of music. What is that music without them?
  • Imagine a day without any quiet time at all. What is that day like?
  • Put yourself in one of your favorite places or situations. Do you need to do anything to feel balanced or whole?
  • Think of the little spaces you may feel at times in your busy daily life where you feel most at peace.

It is these places where all of your quantum leaps forward are achieved. We have been conditioned to think that progress comes from willfull, powerful energy. This may be true but where do you think that willful energy comes from? It comes from you Your still space. Out of the deepest calm comes the greatest power for change. The more you can be at peace with your Self and in a relative state of stillness, the more you will change your world. This, in concert with other people experiencing the same space within themselves, is what changes the world.

This, though, changes the outside world. The inside world of stillness never changes. When we want to change the world we first change our external self and we do that by hanging out for awhile with our internal calm, peaceful and still Self. The ocean is calm and still at its depths no matter how tumultuous the surface becomes. We are the same way. Focus inward. Serve something greater than yourself. Be Still. Change the world