One World Still was created from the quiet contemplation and still experiences of Mark Drost.

It started as an idea and, eventually, grew into a worldwide practice.

The future of One World Still looks something like this: people from every walk of life coming together to be still, once a month for an hour. Currently, the following is modest, but the power of the practice is infinite.

There are now thousands of participants joining together in places all around the world. But think when there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions and even billions. Because stillness is omnipresent and located within you and everyone else, all is possible.

When you think of the possibilities of One World Still, think about this:

universal stillness of humans on the same time plane …

coexisting awareness of the Self…

…the purest form of human connection across all lands and seas.

Every month for an hour, this connection is formed between people with different beliefs and ideals. The connection is present in large groups that meet in city parks and in individuals who practice by themselves at home. It’s present in the prisoner’s small cell and in the pew of the believer. In the warrior’s barracks and the pacifist’s shelter.

Wherever and whoever you are, you can practice relaxation, concentration and integration in the presence of others. By being present, vulnerable and still, the nature of your true Self will rise from your inner depths once covered by movement, sound, stress, separation, fear and struggle.

One World Still is dedicated to you and the stillness inside all of us. If you’re interested in participating in a group, view locations for public practice. Also, view dates and times when everyone comes together for peaceful practice and concentration each month. Whether you participate by yourself or in a group, your presence will help sustain us all.

Start participating today to begin your journey and to join the journey of humanity

Come and Meditate. Come and Pray. Come and Give. Come and Receive. Come and be Still. Come for the Thrill. Come and be with everyone else. Come and be by your Self. Come and Listen. Come and Share. Come and do nothing. Come and expect nothing. Come and be full. Come and be empty. Come and show gratitude. Come and just be. Come because you have the time. Come because you don’t. Come because you can feel the Love. Come because you don’t. Just be present.