The best thing about One World Still is that you can participate from wherever you are, as whoever you are. Either on your own, or in a group at one of the Still Spaces.

Find your own inner stillness and connect with the still place within others from anywhere.

During the designated hour each month, you can participate from your basement, bedroom, backyard, local community center, workout studio, or religious center. Because stillness is a core element of humanity and not tied to location or belief, you can participate from any place on earth.

Participate with others or by yourself

You’ll be connecting with others from all around the world on a deep human level; so place doesn’t matter. Some people find it easier to connect to the stillness within all if they’re around other still people. Many people choose to start monthly meetings in their homes and public places. Wherever you feel the most comfortable, that is where you should be.

The timeline you see below is a roadmap for starting out. As you join us each and every month, you’ll find what works best for you. There’s no plan here, there’s only a destination. Stillness. When you’re just joining us, here’s a good way to begin.

First 45 minutes (Connection)

If you’re participating in a group, you arrive at the organized location. You greet each other, make new friends, catch up with old friends and do whatever feels natural.

When you’re settled, you start your meditative activities.Think of this as your warm up period. Unless you are very well practiced, it’s hard to find your inner peace and stillness at the wave of a hand. Many of us have to slowly approach it. The best way to do this is through relaxation and humble activity.

Here are some things you can do to calm your mind:

Listen to peaceful music while stretching
Meditate, pray or practice yoga
Write in your journal about positive things
Have a peaceful conversation with a small group of people
Read from your favorite book

Although these are everyday activities, there’s one key thing that makes them different: while doing them, even if you are sitting on your own, you are connected with people all around the world.

Next 10 minutes (Silence)

Transition from activity to silence and focus on your Self.  Observe all existing thoughts and detach from them. Focus on your heartbeat, breathing, the individual muscle fibers throughout your body or anything in the present moment. If you’re outside, listen to the birds chirp and the wind rustle the tree leaves. If you’re inside, listen to your dog breathe or the radiator hum. Focus on whatever helps you connect to the stillness within you.

Final 5 minutes (Stillness)

In this state of awareness, be still. Continue to practice silence and connect with your own true Self.

When our hour together is complete, you’ll feel elated, refreshed and calm. Whether you’re a longtime participant or just excited to start, help us spread the word about the hour you look forward to every month. With your help, our peaceful community will become universal.