We are looking for one or two calm and creative people to join us in California this Summer and help One World Still reach its full potential.

We have already had people be Still with us from countries as diverse as Kenya, Bali, Germany and Abu Dhabi – and now we believe it is time to bring the idea of One World Still to more people.

There are two roles that need to be filled this summer, and you are invited to stay for up to 12 weeks from June 2015.

1. Personal Outreach

Your role would be to be to reach out to the hundreds and thousands of meditation centers, yoga studios, retreat centers and individuals who might want to be a part of this ongoing monthly project.

One World Still has changed so that the hour of Stillness is the same time every month, which should allow for places all around the world to set aside that time to open their doors and their arms to a shared moment of Stillness.

You would also help the studios, yoga teachers and meditation leaders that are already connected with One World Still to amplify their efforts and create regular meetings with their local communities.

Skills required include: commitment, calmness and creativity – as well as the ability to communicate well on the telephone and via email.

2. Online Outreach

Your role would be to improve the online presence of One World Still. You would have responsibility for all the social media channels for the project, including our Facebook page which already has over 8000 likes, and would be expected to grow the reach and engagement of these channels.

You would also be responsible for developing the oneworldstill.org website further, and we are looking for someone with the skills to implement more interactive features on the site.

Skills required include: creativity, social media marketing experience and word press development experience – as well as an interest in meditation, yoga and other forms of Stillness.

What do you get in return?

One World Still is a not for profit organisation that currently receives no funding other than the support of its founder Mark, who also founded evolation yoga, TheHotTT.com and the evolation staff who work on the project in their free time.

In return for volunteering on this project you will get the chance to live and eat for free at their wonderful Montecito, California property alongside some of the evolation teachers and staff. You will also be able to practice yoga for free at the evolation yoga flagship Santa Barbara studio while you stay.

If you are interested in being a part of this growing project then please contact ryan@evolationyoga.com telling us which role you want to take on. Please include your resume and the reasons you want to join us.